9063 Autumn Haze Drive
Naples, Florida 34109-1501
Phone: 1-239-593-8033


Due to the complexities of today's legal system, I accept and review cases only from attorneys or paralegal assistants.

Let's talk! I encourage you to call to initially discuss the case. I am happy to confidentially discuss the general circumstances of the case, or my experience and qualifications at no charge. Please understand that I accept only a limited number of active cases so that I might devote the necessary time to adequately review your case.

  • Retainer:
    Should you choose to retain my services, I require a non-refundable $2,500.00 retainer per case in advance (Waived for governmental agencies). Research, review, and consultation is billed at $250.00 per hour against the retainer. If the retainer is depleted, monthly statements will be mailed with payment expected upon receipt of the statement.

  • Deposition/Trial testimony held Collier or Lee County, Florida: $2,000.00 per day or any portion thereof, per case.

  • Travel/Deposition/Trial testimony held outside of Collier or Lee County, Florida: $3,500.00 per day or any portion thereof, per case.

  • Out-Of-Pocket Expenses: Air Fare only @ Business Class rate.
    NOTE: Deposition/Travel Fee & Deposition Out-of-Pocket Expense must be paid at least 72 hours in advance.

Experience has shown that the typical case takes 24-30 hours, excluding Travel, Deposition, and/or Court time. However, there is no guarantee that the review of your case will be completed within this average time-period. This is simply a guideline, which you may use to estimate expenses.

It is understood I am retained by the attorney or governmental entity unless there is a specific agreement otherwise. Therefore, the retaining attorney or governmental entity is responsible for payment for my services. I do not use a written contract for services except by request. In that case, I will be happy to provide a Contract For Services for your review and approval. As always, retention of my services does not guarantee a report favorable to your client.

Best Regards,
Dr. William T. Gaut