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Due to the complexities of today's legal system, I discuss and accept cases ONLY with and from attorneys, or their paralegal assistants. For all others, I strongly recommend that you contact your local or state Bar Association for referral to an appropriate attorney, or that you contact the attorney of your choice for an initial review of your case.

A summary of my experience and education in the fields of Criminal Justice and Private Security is outlined below for your perusal. A detailed explanation of my services may be obtained by clicking on the appropriate subject on the left.

I am accepted as an Expert in both State and Federal Courts. My practice includes work for both plaintiffs and defendants. My services have been retained by Personal Injury Attorneys, Criminal Prosecutors, Criminal Defense Attorneys, Public Law Enforcement Agencies, and Private & Proprietary Security Agencies across the nation.

Law Enforcement Experience:

  • 25 years Police Experience
  • 2 years District Attorney Special Services Director
  • Detective Division Captain/Commander (130 Detectives)
  • Chief's Administrative Staff Lieutenant/Commander
  • Lead Homicide Detective Sergeant
  • Certified Forensics Consultant
  • Certified Forensics Medical Investigator
  • Police Management Instructor
  • Police Accreditation Coordinator/Specialist
  • State of Alabama Police Minimum Standards and Training Advisor
  • Extensive Criminal/Civil Trial Experience
  • State/Federal Courts Accepted Police Expert

Security Experience:

  • 17 years Owner/Operator of Nationally Certified Security Training Institute(Owned and operated with Police Departmental approval)
  • Nationally Certified Security Training School Owner
  • Multi-State approved Security Training Facility Owner
  • State & Federal Court accepted Security Expert
  • Provided Industry Training to Manufacturing, Hotels, Bars, Coliseums, Banks, Retail Department Stores, Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Universities, and Public Utilities.


  • AA Degree - Police Science
  • BS Degree - Criminal Justice
  • MA Degree - Public & Private Management (MPA/MBA)
  • PhD - Criminal Justice
  • Extensive Specialty Investigative training from the FBI, ATF, DEA, Secret Service, LAPD, NYPD, Texas DPS Police Training Academy (Sometimes called the "Texas Ranger" academy), and from multiple University Criminal Justice programs.

Teaching Experience:

  • College Criminal Justice Professor
  • Special Investigations Instructor to multi-state Police Detectives
  • State & Federal Certified Security Instructor
  • State Certified Police Academy Instructor
  • Guest Lecturer in Criminal Justice at Major Universities

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